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five steps a dayWhat do you feed your Subconscious when you Sleep?

Do you fill it with thoughts of worry and fear as you fall asleep?

Do you fall asleep thinking of all the good or bad things going on in your life?

Do you know the thoughts you feed your subconscious mind with will get replayed throughout the night and affect your tomorrow?

We want to encourage you to begin to focus your thoughts before you go to sleep at night in a direction that will have a positive impact on your life, instead of a negative one. When we talk about sleep we are NOT talking about how many hours you slept or if it was a restful night sleep. We want you to fall asleep with a smile on your face because you were thinking and dreaming about how much better tomorrow is going to be.

How you are going to pass your test, give that great presentation, win that race, enjoy your significant other, smile that your medical test results were better, whatever.

The goal is to focus on the positives at night instead of the negatives, by either mentally visualizing them or using positive words of affirmation. If you can do that, click on the first 'S' If you simply fell asleep with the TV on or collapsed in bed from being so tired that you didn't feed your subconscious anything healthy (positive) leave the step blank.

accountablity journalWhat Thoughts do you feed yourself during the day?

Did you tell yourself it was going to be a 'great' day this morning?

Did you focus and think about something positive or did 'stinking' thinking win out today?

What do you think about when you first wake up in the morning, afternoon, evening? What internal conversations are running through your head during the day?

Ask yourself, how many hours pass in the day before you give yourself - some words of encouragement? There is only so much 'mental real estate' available in a 24-hour period. Do you even give yourself a positive pep talk for the day? Or is it drowned out by negative self talk? It would be nice to have coach Jimmy Johnson, Anthony Robbins or John Maxwell give you some inspiring words to get you through the day, but it's probably not going to happen. So you're going to have to pat yourself on your back yourself.

You reap what you sow! There's no magic affirmation or speech - you simply need to believe and encourage yourself. Don't waste valuable 'mental real estate' on internal conversations that have a negative swing. Use that 'mental real estate' to build your confidence and self esteem? Your daily thoughts of "Yes I can or No I can't" have a direct impact on your today and tomorrow.

If you think you can or can't you're right! Positive affirmations and self talk have been taught since biblical times. Therefore the questions is what do you spend time thinking about during the day? Are you affirming the positive or negative? Whatever it is it can have a negative or positive impact on your life. What does your internal dialogue sound like? If you think and repeat to yourself that you are never going to lose weight, get healthy, find someone, or get out of debt etcetera you're probably going to create your own self-fulfilling prophesy!

Let's change your mental outlook and dialogue. If you sowed some positive thoughts today, click on the T. If you didn't sow anything worthwhile - leave it blank.

the 5 steps programDid you Eat foods that will nourish your body today?

Did you Eat good today or not?

Garbage in - Garbage out! That applies to how you feed your mind and body.

What you eat is critical for your overall level of health and wellness. If you eat well for the day click on the E If you didn't do so well - leave it blank.

Are your dietary choices helping or hindering you? You can't get healthy, lose weight or overcome a health problem if you don't eat better! It's that simple!

If you live on fast foods, processed, refined, junk foods and wonder why you can't lose weight, or have no energy, you need to look at what you fuel your body with!

I like to think of foods - like affirmations for your physical body! There are positive and negative affirmations - just as there are foods that are nutritious and somewhat destructive to the body!

The point is food nourishes the body. We are not trying to count calories, fat grams, or carbs. You simply want to know if you nourished your body with foods that have a healing, healthy effect or did you eat foods that have very little if any health benefits? How do you expect to nourish and strengthen your body if the fuel you give it is less than optimal? Oh yeah, skipping meals are not a good thing either.

The simple fact is if you want to be healthy, lose weight or overcome any health ailment you're probably going to have to change (Create Habits and Attitudes for Growth and Excellence) your eating habits. If you don't, chances are you won't change your level of overall health and fitness?

self helpDid you get any Physical activity in your day?

Did you carve out some time to exercise today?

If you did, click on the P If you didn't - leave it blank. I think everyone knows the benefits of exercise and for the most part people wish they had more time to exercise. But lack of time isn't always the problem! Is there enough of a motivating reason to workout? Is it a priority in your life that gives you a good enough reason to exercise?

I like to think of exercise like optimism. Some people are more optimistic than others and some people find it easier to follow a regular workout routine than others.

Sticking with a workout routine is easier if there is enough of a motivating reason to exercise. If exercise is second nature to you, as a positive outlook is for some, you won't have any trouble carving out time to workout. But if exercising and working out isn't second nature for you, you may need to find that motivating reason to help you stick with a regular routine. You may need a goal such as an upcoming race, wedding, vacation, cruise, reunion or whatever.

Finding that motivating reason may be what makes it a priority. Thus making it easier to workout and stick with a program. Simply exercising to be healthy isn't typically enough to get someone off the couch and working out. But we need to be doing something physical on a regular basis. The so-called strong body - strong mind.

So keep track of your workouts and make sure you do something physical on a regular basis. I'm not to concerned or going to discuss what type of workout is best or whether aerobic or strength training is better. That is something you need to figure out based on your goals. I just want you to stick with some type of regular workout schedule.

I'm not saying you have to join a gym or hire a trainer - you can if you want. But you have to carve out the time to exercise. You don't have to workout an hour a day. You can do short, high intensity workout in 5-15 minutes. Check out the 5-15 minute workouts with My WorkHorse Fitness Trainer. In fact that is a lot of what I do. Keep in mind there are only a certain amount of hours and minutes in a day, so be careful how you use them or become aware of how you squander them.

dr len lopez Did you do anything for your Spiritual connection?

Have you let your spiritual muscles get flabby?

Are you doing anything for your own personal well-being and spirit?

If you did, click on the last S If you didn't, leave it blank.

To ignore the power of your 'spirit' is like skipping a meal - it leaves you empty.

The spirit footstep can be used a couple of different ways depending on your beliefs. If you believe in a higher power, I would recommend using it that way, but you can also use it to track and measure your personal spirit (personal growth), which is important for everyone.

Let me explain the first aspect of spirit and your spiritual connectedness. As a Christian believer, I believe in a higher power and do all I can to connect with Him some way or another through personal quiet time, reading, prayer, fellowship, etc. The questions is, Do I?

I like to imagine your spiritual walk a lot like exercise. You have to carve out the time to do it. Not having enough time in the day is an excuse! I know for myself when I do spend time with Him daily it is easier for me to handle my wife, kids, family members, friends, peers, as well as, the challenges I face each and every day. So, if you do want to grow in your spiritual walk - you have to again carve out the necessary time. It isn't going to happen on its own. It's your choice and your own free will that is going to make that happen!

Now for those who want to use the spirit footstep for more personal growth, which elevates your spirit. Keep in mind when I talk about growing your personal spirit - I'm talking about doing things or activities for yourself. Something that you want to do for yourself and gives you that sense of accomplishment. Do you want to learn how to dance, sing, play golf, ride horses, pottery, speak a second language, etc? Whatever it is, you have to carve out the time to do it - but you also have to step out and find the thing or activity that will put a smile on your face.

There is a lot that can be said about the feelings and emotions you go through as you participate, progress and eventually accomplish some new activity or endeavor. Those feeling of accomplishment and personal growth have a powerful and positive effect on your mental and emotional well being...

So use the Spirit footstep in whatever way fits you best. The common denominator is that you have to carve out some time to nourish your spirit.

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The ONLY program that taps into your Visual and Kinesthetic learning centers

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In less than 2 minutes track how well you feed your body, mind and spirit